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Welcome to the Yaqui Language (Yoem Noki) Wiki! This site has incorporated over 7,000 entries of both Yaqui and English words. The data was placed into this MediaWiki-based site, parsed from a MS-Word English-to-Yaqui dictionary. Any page may be edited using the edit tab at the top of each page.

The Entry page featuring the hub of multiple languages is how we imagine the future of the WIL, a website platform that works as an archive of indigenous languages, a translator, a library of texts about indigenous languages, an application for mobile devices, a social networking site, as well as a workbook of quizzes and skill set builders to be used in the classrooms. All provided for each respective language. This first module, for the Yaqui Language or Yoem Noki, is our proof of concept. This is our beginning of a bright future. Our will to the generations that follow.

For information about the history of this project, its contributors, and the research team making this possible, please see the link, "About WIL - Wiki for Indigenous Languages," at the bottom of the page.

Navigation Tip: If you want to return to this Main Page, simply click on "Yoem Noki Main Page" in the left sidebar menu. To return to the Entry Page (which is just a placeholder for a possible future of multiple languages), click on the top left WIL badge.

To learn more about Yoeme/Yaqui culture, please visit either Dr. David Shorter's digital ethnography, Vachiam Eecha/Planting the Seeds [1], or the official website of the Pascua Yaqui Nation [2]. You may also learn more about Yoeme language on Dr. Heidi Harley's website [3]. Additionally, we are making available here for the first time since its original publication, Octaviana Trujillo's beautiful description of Yaqui Culture and Art, Hiapsi Wami Seewam: Flowers of Life.

Enter a word and choose "Go" to search for a translation of word in either Yoeme or English. Choose "Search" to search the entire site (including workbooks, exercises, instructional manuals, and metatags) for a word. Please keep in mind that as a proof of concept, the database contains only half of the total language. Pending funding, we will be able to upload the other half.


A few representative English word pages

A few representative Yoeme word pages

A word that has both an English and Yoeme page

Once viewing either of these pages, you may move to the other by following the English or Yoeme tabs on the top of each page.

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