Wiki for the Indigenous Languages

Privacy: The Wiki for Indigenous Languages Main Hub and Sub Sites

The Wiki for Indigenous Languages (WIL) main hub,, and the sub sites (i.e., Yaqui, Quechua, etc.) collect information to improve functionality and content and to monitor the performance of the sites.  Data is used to answer specific questions about the pages and tools that users find the most interesting and useful.  Usage is not routinely associated with individual IP addresses.  Only in those cases when the WIL servicers believe some policy or law has been violated are IP addresses specifically targeted.  

The WIL project works in distributed information technology environment to provide control of the sub sites to those respective communities.  For example, one of the sub sites might be located on a server in a non-UCLA location, managed by a non-UCLA team. Therefore, the policies and procedures for the sub sites may vary.  However, the "Privacy Policy" for each sub site will be available as an index or menu item respectively, provided by the specific department, unit or organization that maintains the sub site.