Wiki for the Indigenous Languages

Interested in getting involved?

We have a set of simple questions:


1) Do you have the rights to an already complete or partially completed dictionary database?


If so, then we can transform that database into a WIL site. The cost to transform the database into a WIL site depends on the file format of your language database. If your database is already in either Word or Excel or any tabulated format, we can create the basic WIL site for a few hundred dollars. But if your database is currently in any .pdf or non-tabbed format, the transcription (or optical character recognition review) process will be more time intensive. But we can work with you to discuss prices and timelines.


2) Do you have the content personnel to determine which grammar and learning tools you would like to feature to your site’s visitors?


If so, then you can immediately work with your personnel to build out the specific menu options for your site. If not, then you can rely on our team’s experience building websites for indigenous communities and our language learning specialists to determine which options might be best for your particular community.


3) Do you have the personnel and server space to continue the hosting and management of your site?


If so, then we can send you the site to manage on your own. Visitors will be able to find your own site through our Wiki for Indigenous Languages hub. If not, then we have entered into agreements with the University of California Los Angeles and the California Digital Library to maintain these sites for indigenous communities for the foreseeable future.


4) Want to learn more?

Simply write us at